Discovering the Estuary’s Least Visible Aquatic Inhabitants


The CMRC Seining ProgramNorthern puffer.

Ever wonder what, if anything, lives in our rivers? The CMRC's seining program offers a unique and exciting glimpse at the creatures that swim and crawl along New York City's shores. Join us at for our public seining events in Brooklyn Bridge Park or schedule your own!

Contact the CMRC for location information and scheduling information.


What is Seining?


Seining is the ancient practice of fishing using a large net pulled to shore. The CMRC conducts seining programs at local parks throughout the region. Programs are available for families, children, adults, groups, young school children, middle and high school students, and teachers. All fish and other organisms are released back to location where they were caught.

Participants are amazed by the diversity of aquatic wildlife living right below the surface of the estuary – an estuary surrounded by one of the most densely populated regions of the country.  Recent catch include the northern pipefish, seahorse; puffer fish; blue crabs; lady crabs; flounders; striped bass, goby, and many others.

During each program, the CMRC’s wildlife biologists provide insights about the habits and life cycles of the catch.  For example, many do not know that seahorses and northern pipefish males carry eggs after fertilization or that sea robins are named for their underwater chirping.


Public Seining Programs at Brooklyn Bridge Park


The CMRC partners with Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy to provide free public seining programs on weekends. Visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy for a calendar of these events.


Find Out What's Swimming Near You!

Schedule a seining program at a beach near your school or organization.

Programs can be customized to offer a variety of stimulating activities including beachcombing for intertidal inhabitants, and exploring the connections between humans and the environment by studying chemical, physical and biological parameters. We work with all age groups, abilities and educational goals.  

Contact us for more information and to schedule a program.


Check out the action and some of the cool creatures we've pulled in!

 Cynthia talks about the day's catch with curious onlookers. 


Lady crab.


Winter flounder.


Atlantic silverside.