Downloadable CMRC Policy Project Paper


The CMRC’s Policy Project

The CMRC advocates for solutions to regional water challenges.  Our policy program is geared toward policy makers at the city, state, and Federal level who are limited in their ability to research emerging issues in coastal and marine environmental health due to budget or programmatic constraints.  Additionally, the policy program is a resource for other NGO’s and nonprofits doing work in the Estuary.

In partnership with Columbia University, the CMRC publishes two to three white papers per year.  The papers are researched and written by CMRC graduate student interns on topics developed by the CMRC board and staff. The CMRC specializes in researching and collecting little understood or acknowledged information and is known for consistently making this information accessible to the public.


Funding Needs: 

The CMRC is raising funds to coordinate interns, compensate interns, distribute research findings, present findings at regional conferences, and update the CMRC website and discussion forums.

The CMRC’s long term goal is to develop a regional research agenda on emerging threats to the ecosystems within and dependent on the health, human and ecological resources of New York – New Jersey Harbor Estuary. Future programs will engage the many academic institutions in the region poised to take a greater role in regional environmental research and solutions.