Downloadable Green Roof Graphics



Green Roof Graphics


To bring to life the many benefits of green roofs, the CMRC commissioned a series of downloadable Flash animations which may be used by educators, other organizations and the general public. Please read the following for instructions on downloading and use. 


How to Use
(There's no cost - just give us credit!) 

The CMRC is providing these graphics at no cost to you. We greatly appreciate any acknowledgement that The Coastal Marine Resource Center is the source of these educational tools. We would love to hear reports of how these graphics are being used by our colleagues and the general public so that we may share this information with others! Please e-mail us at

To view these files you must have the latest version of the Flash Player from the Adobe Web site to register the Shockwave Flash Object on your computer. Visit for a free download if you need it.

These animations can be downloaded and used in a PowerPoint presentation as either an embedded animation if you have compatible software or as a hyperlink to opening the animation in an internet browser window. The animation can be displayed using any internet browser. Once the files are downloaded and saved correctly, the internet browser option allows the animations to be used regardless of having an internet connection or the technical ability to work with Flash animation.


How to Download, Save & View Green Roof Graphic Files

It is strongly recommended that you create a separate folder for each graphic you would like to use. Do NOT change the file names. This could cause errors in running the animations. To view the Flash graphic on your computer the following 3 files for each graphic you wish to download must be downloaded and saved into the same folder. 

AC RunActiveContent.js
[graphic name].html
[graphic name].swf

Once these are in the same folder you need only to open the .html file. You may be asked to allow the install of the .js file (you should allow). In the animations that have a reset button, for best results, please wait until the end of the animation cycle to reset.


How to Play an Adobe Macromedia Flash Animation in a PowerPoint Presentation

To determine if your version of PowerPoint supports embedding Flash animations and for complete instructions on how to work with the animations, click on your help button in PowerPoint and search for “Flash animation”. All PowerPoint versions support the ability to insert a hyperlink to open the animations in an internet browser; search for “hyperlink” in the help section for instructions on this.