The Estuary as a Big Backyard 

Outdoor Programs:

Children and adults connect with their local natural resources during CMRC’s Waterfront Discovery programs.  Programs can be customized to offer a variety of stimulating activities including examining the aquatic flora and fauna caught in our 30’ seine net, beachcombing for intertidal inhabitants, and exploring the connections between humans and the environment by studying chemical, physical and biological parameters.

A northern pipefish gently shown to students during a CMRC program.

 Indoor Programs:

Indoor education programs are offered year-round and can compliment outdoor experiences or provide environmental education independently.  Schools and other organizations host CMRC’s educators to provide interactive lessons and presentations.  Lessons explore native habitats and relate chemical, biological, physical, geographic and ecological principles to their local environment. 

All this is done with the goal of fostering a sense of place and guardianship for the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary and Bight and the surrounding watershed. 

For educators, the CMRC’s programs offer engaging options for teaching education standards in their classrooms.  The programs utilize place-based education and help students find connections between textbook lessons and their own lives and communities.  All of our programs can be customized to suit a variety of age ranges, abilities and educational goals. 


Contact the CMRC for more information and to schedule a program.