Keep the CMRC Afloat!

The CMRC brings green roof graphics, programs, and conservation work to the Harbor Estuary region at little or no cost.  Your donation keeps the work alive.  

Help us continue to protect New York City and Northern New Jersey's healthy marine, coastal, and ocean systems. 

Donate generously, by sending your check to:


The Coastal Marine Resource Center

c/o Mark Rachleff 135 E 71, Apt 6A

New York, NY 10021



What does my money pay for?


$15 brings 1 student from an under-served school to a CMRC seining program.


$25 brings 1 student to a seining program and provides them with all necessary educational materials for the day.


$50 helps us bring 4 students to a CMRC seining program.


$100 helps us bring 8 students to a CMRC seining program.


$500 provides 1 full CMRC seining program to 4th grade to 12th grade students.


$1,000 provides a full CMRC seining program with an in-class follow-up visit by CMRC biologists that meets NY or NJ curriculum standards.